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A third generation retailer, Tracey Gruber was born and raised in a fashion family where she learned the art from her grand parents and her father in his internationally acclaimed woman’s boutique in Quebec. It was here that she began honing her purchasing and merchandising skills in the back of his shop. While her father worked, Gruber sat in the back adding price tags to the designer items. “I wasn’t allowed on the floor then since I was so young but I’d feel the fabric, examine the design and the lines.” He taught her how to sew and she’d watch him work all day and all night designing patterns and creating suits and other fine items for the wealthy ladies in Montreal. She made acquaintances with designers from around the globe who nurtured her along. Today, she is an international purveyor of clothing and accessories with a boutique that incorporates the most recent fashion trends.


Blue Dangles Boutique is a warm and inviting chic boutique.Think Virginia Highlands meets Johns Creek. The walls are cool; the art on the walls is modern and the art on the racks – including clothing, shoes, jewelry, purses and belts – is memorable. “We have craftsmen who create items for us and designers who put soul into their work,” And what made this shopping experience even more unique is that her collections are global and ageless. What bliss to find forward thinking couture at a reasonable price point in a boutique.

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